Book An Appointment

Click on the day you'd like to book an appointment.  You can change the month using the arrows on either side of the Month, Year.  Once you click on a date, select the desired time slot.  Select the appropriate number of time slots for your treatment.  Times are provided in 30 minute intervals, so if you want a 60 minute session, select two consecutive time slots.  If you want a 90 minute session, select three consecutive time slots.  If other time slots are marked "booked" for the selected day, please leave a 30-minute slot open between them and your selected time slots.  Prices are available on the Services page.  Payment is made when you arrive for your appointment (ignore any reference to prices in the calendar or in the automated confirmation email).  In the Notes section, please let us know which service you'd like, and if you'd like any of the add-on services (CBD, cupping, etc.).